Raising Money with a Fashion Show

The community was thinking of creative ways to raise money at a town hall meeting one day, someone came up with the idea of having fashion shows in Denver. I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested in going to a fashion show, but apparently lots of people wanted to go. Many people in the community had been watching model shows on television where people compete to be a runway model, and they wanted to have something like that in their own community. Those kinds of shows never really appealed to me, but I guess someone must be enjoying them, because they keep making them.

Of course, a fashion show is nothing if you don't have people to walk on a runway and clothing to show off. The local clothing stores were more than willing to donate items for people to wear. For them, it worked as a way to show off what they sell in the stores, while also helping to raise money for the community. The community residents were willing to model the clothes, but we needed someone else to model that would be a bigger draw than anyone in the community. We were lucky enough to have someone in the community who was related to a famous celebrity. She called the celebrity and asked her if she could help us out.

The celebrity came through for us and modeled some of the clothes at the fashion show. She looked a little shorter in person than she did on television, but she looked just as pretty. Many people paid to come to the fashion show just to see her walk down the runway. If I had to guess, many of these people probably didn't care about fashion, but were just fans of the celebrity and wanted to see her in person to get her autograph.

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