Perfect for My Daughter’s Dance Troupe

I help coach my daughter's dance troupe and recently decided to buy them light up shoes so they would stand out at a regional dance recital that was coming up for the holidays. I talked to the other parents about these shoes and suggested we should invest in them for each member so they could really shine for their performance. I looked through the literature for the competition and didn't see anything prohibiting the wearing of these types of shoes, so I thought it was a good idea that might just give them the edge they would need to win the contest.

The other mothers agreed, but we needed to decide on a brand and make sure we bought matching shoes. In these contests everything has to be perfect. Their hair, costumes, shoes, etc. Everything has to match just like the dance moves. That meant we not only needed the same brand but the same color of shoe. We went online to get the information and then had to make sure we had all of the girls' sizes so the shoes fit. I have to say my little idea cost a bit of money, but all of us mothers were convinced we had stumbled on the right idea with these shoes.

So the contest came and I'm proud to say our little idea made quite the impression. Our girls were the only ones who were wearing these shoes and the audience and judges loved it! There was lots of applause and I overheard more than a few people commenting on the light up shoes and how it was such a great idea. I'm convinced we'll be seeing other teams wearing them in the upcoming months. We won the contest and I'm convinced the shoes played a big role in us taking home the trophy.

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