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The community was thinking of creative ways to raise money at a town hall meeting one day, someone came up with the idea of having fashion shows in Denver. I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested in going to a fashion show, but apparently lots of people wanted to go. Many people in the community had been watching model shows on television where people compete to be a runway model, and they wanted to have something like that in their own community. Those kinds of shows never really appealed to me, but I guess someone must be enjoying them, because they keep making them.

Of course, a fashion show is nothing if you don't have people to walk on a runway and clothing to show off. The local clothing stores were more than willing to donate items for people to wear. For them, it worked as a way to show off what they sell in the stores, while also helping to raise money for the community. ...continue reading Raising Money with a Fashion Show

I help coach my daughter's dance troupe and recently decided to buy them light up shoes so they would stand out at a regional dance recital that was coming up for the holidays. I talked to the other parents about these shoes and suggested we should invest in them for each member so they could really shine for their performance. I looked through the literature for the competition and didn't see anything prohibiting the wearing of these types of shoes, so I thought it was a good idea that might just give them the edge they would need to win the contest.

The other mothers agreed, but we needed to decide on a brand and make sure we bought matching shoes. ...continue reading Perfect for My Daughter’s Dance Troupe

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I am one of those people that get sunburn in the shade. I saw on TV that you can get sunburn on your retinas. I never heard of that. However, I do wear designer sunglasses anytime after sunrise and all the way to sunset. I never liked super bright light. Some people crave those bright sunny days. I like the warmth, but I have to slather on a ton of sunscreen or wear garments that cover everything. That is why I'm glad to live up north away from the beach. I went one time and got a sunburn even with coverups and sunscreen. My eyes are pretty sensitive to bright light too. I do not go anywhere without my sunglasses.

I have a pair in both of our cars, a pair in my purse and another pair of designer sunglasses on the closed-in porch. There is always a pair of sunglasses handy for me to put on. ...continue reading I Have to Wear Sunglasses in Both the Summer and Winter